Aims & Objectives

  • To form an Association of the Management of all the Private Self Financing Engineering Colleges in the State
  • To act as a body to champion the causes of the Private Self Financing Engineering Colleges in the State
  • To represent the member managements before the Govern r Governmental or Statutory bodies, Universities, Local Authorities, for common issues and negotiate and enter into settlements or agreements with them on behalf of the members either collectively or individually.
  • To institute or defend legal proceedings on behalf of the members of the Association, either collectively or individually, before Courts, Tribunals or other Judicial or quasi judicial authorities.
  • To act as a forum to share ideas, knowledge or information which are useful to the members.
  • To establish and maintain libraries and study places, or training centres for those in the field of Engineering Institutions.
  • To provide coaching and training to the members in the administrative or teaching faculties in the Engineering Colleges.
  • To provide better training in all related fields of Engineering for all those who may aspire to have such training.
  • To establish a common place of collective gathering, get-togethers and other meetings, as decided by the Executive Committee from time to time.
  • To receive and accept loans, gifts or other grants and to raise sufficient funds for carrying out the objects of the Association.
  • To make arrangements to attract students from Foreign Countries to join the Colleges under the members of the Associations, and for that purpose to enter into negotiations or agreements with State / Central Government / Local or Foreign bodies / Agencies and if necessary to set up liaison offices or other centres abroad.
  • To carry out such other activities, as are found suitable and desirable, in the better interest of the Association.
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